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Your siding is like a suit of armor for your house. Over time, nature will hurl air, earth, water, rocks, and hail at it, and eventually it will find some chinks. The durability of siding depends on the material, but in general, if your siding is more than 10 years old, it’s probably time to consider replacing it.

At Revolution Roofing and Construction in Brunswick, GA, our siding contractors have completed dozens of siding jobs using all kinds of materials. We can help you decide which siding option is best for your home, including which colors and materials match best with the existing structure.

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Detailed Estimates

Ever gotten a siding estimate that you couldn’t make heads or tails of? So have we. That’s why our own siding estimates show exactly what is recommended and how much it costs. A great siding experience starts with a fair and accurate estimate so we’re all on the same page from day 1. To get your estimate, contact our siding contractors in Brunswick today!

Siding Types

When it comes to materials, we recommend only the highest quality, brand-name siding. Here are a few of the typical options homeowners go for:


Vinyl siding needs to be at least .55” (55 gauge) thick and be available in planks that are long enough to provide as much coverage with as few gaps as possible. Also make sure the vinyl siding used on your Brunswick home has titanium dioxide to avoid color fading in the Georgia sun!

Wood plank

Wood siding made of cedar is commonly used along with other types of siding in modern home designs. Fire-retardant cedar planking is extremely durable and offers a unique look, but all wood siding can be vulnerable to pests.


Exceptionally durable and resistant to pests, metal siding is a popular modern choice because there are so many more color and texture options nowadays. It is generally more expensive to install and can become dented, but once it’s on your Brunswick home, metal siding can last for decades.

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