We all remember the midnight ride of Paul Revere. Well, actually we don’t, because we weren’t there. But many of us remember learning about Paul Revere, the valiant and all-important sentry, galloping breathlessly across New England and screaming “the hailstorm scammers are coming!”

…or something like that. We may or may not have different memories about Paul Revere, but chances are we can all remember a time when a salesperson claiming to be a roofer knocked on our door after a hailstorm and offered us a new roof, with no out-of-pocket cost! If you worked with one of these other residential roofers in the Brunswick area, you probably weren’t satisfied with either the experience or the outcome. At Revolution, we don’t blame you. And, like the real Paul Revere, we’re here to help.

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Hire our residential roofers in Brunswick so you can declare your independence from hailstorm swindlers and all manner of sketchy roofing outfits. If you have a damaged roof—whether from a storm, age, or any other reason—call us for an estimate. We are real roofers, not salespeople. Our primary goal is to get you the new roof you need and deserve, not to squeeze everything out of your bank account or insurance check.

That’s why the person who comes to your house will be an actual roofer, capable of delivering a detailed estimate right then and there. That’s why the crew that installs your roof uses only name-brand, quality shingles, roofing nails, and other materials. And that’s why, when the job is done, we don’t disappear in a cloud of black asphalt dust— our residential roofers in Brunswick will return to resolve any issues with our work, guaranteed.


We believe a roof should last. Our residential roofing team in Brunswick has enough experience in the industry to know that if details are overlooked or cheap materials are used, water will get into your home, undermining the whole point of getting a new roof in the first place.

Same with your siding. And if your windows aren’t properly installed, your money will go sailing out into thin air. Fast and convenient is great, but if it’s not quality, there really isn’t much of a point.

Join the quality revolution—hire Revolution Roofing and Construction for all of your exterior, roofing, and shingle repair needs. We serve Brunswick, GA, and the surrounding communities!