Gutters are an incredibly important but often overlooked part of your home. They protect your foundation by diverting water away from it, so if they are leaky, rusted, or always filling up with leaves and debris, gutter replacement is probably a bigger priority than many homeowners realize. The solution might be as simple as replacing your existing aluminum gutters and adding some gutter screens. Or, you might be remodeling or repainting your home’s exterior and are looking for a new style or matching colors.

No matter what your gutter situation is, Revolution Roofing and Construction can help. Our gutter installation contractors in Brunswick have a lot of experience guiding homeowners through gutter styles, colors, and pros and cons of different materials.

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Here are a few options our gutter installation contractors in Brunswick, GA typically discuss with homeowners:


This is by far the most common material for gutters, as it’s inexpensive and relatively durable. They won’t rust like steel gutters, but they require more maintenance and will need to be replaced sooner.


Stronger and longer-lasting than aluminum gutters, steel gutters are a great option for areas that see a lot of pounding rain, wind, and hail. A zinc coating can alleviate their tendency to rust. Contact us to learn more about the best options for gutter replacement in Brunswick.


Gutters made of zinc are just as durable as steel and come in a huge variety of colors, so if you’re looking for more design options, zinc might be the way to go. Over time, zinc gutters acquire a greenish type of corrosion called patina. This substance has an interesting aesthetic and further hardens the gutters against the elements.


Copper gutters are more expensive because of their historic-looking aesthetic. They’re often a choice for homeowners who are going for a specific look, typically either aged or rustic. Like zinc gutters, they develop a patina layer over time, which adds a greenish, weathered aspect.

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